DJ Ozan Kılıç’s Biography (DJ Ozzy)

World’s one of the getting more popular music makers, DJ Ozzy was born in Türkiye, 1979. Ozan Kılıç’s hometown is known as Bursa where he lived and studied for a long time. When it came to 1993, when he was only 14, Ozzy started playing on a local radio in his hometown. He must have enjoyed DJing since he continued that career for 5 more years in different radios at different locations.

Dj Ozzy’s plunge was playing at a night club in Bodrum that takes millions of tourists. He played at 2 different clubs here. That was his first professional and serious challenge. Then he was ready for more challenging experiences. He played his disk for most famous Turkish singers such as Tarkan, also known worldwide, Mustafa Sandal, Gülşen and more at national music tours.

Thanks to these great experiences DJ Ozzy was finally ready to perform his talents to the music world. He got chances to play in France, Germany and Netherlands where he also still plays and arrange tours with famous singers.

When it comes to today, 2022, he finally published his own single music called Gururdan which is released on Spotify, Youtube and more online platforms. Now he is still working on his first English music, will be called Different, to make it publish really soon.

It seems such a hard working life experience on music for Ozan Kılıç aka Dj Ozzy. He seems to be getting more and more popular in global music. He already gathered tons of fans all around the world.

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