Millions of Fans, All Around the World, Listening to Dj Ozan Kılıç

He stands a story of musical success. He was just a boy, loving music. His name was Ozan. Now he has millions of listeners all around the world, he is Dj Ozan Kılıç aka Dj Ozzy.

Right after he expanded his DJ ing to his country, Türkiye, starting from his hometown, he was ready for a new challenge: Making his music to the world. His journey on DJing started in a local radio. Dj Ozzy was born in that radio, only he didn’t know it back then. His Dj playing career was limited to night clubs and radios.

He performed in different local radios with an increasing graphic of success and fan counts. People enjoyed his plays and he became more and more confident. His music love has changed when he met Tarkan’s organizer responsible for European tours. Ozzy was taken to Europe alongside Tarkan who was already a star back then and still is.

Many famous singers from Türkiye have noticed his talents. He had incredible skills on mixing music. A few more national artists took him to many tours all around Türkiye. He now already had thousands of fans all across the country.

Dj Ozan Kılıç performed as a live DJ on many occasions with national singers. He then expanded his music to Europe, starting with Germany. He had many live performances in Netherlands, France and Germany.

Since he published the single he created on online music platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify, DJ Ozzy already reached millions of listen counts all around the world. He keep working on his second single that will be in English.

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